DECEMBER 20, 2014 / İSTANBUL BİLGİ UNIVERSITY, santralistanbul Campus, E4-305 / DAY 1
09:00 Registration
09:30 Opening Speech – Burcu Yasemin Şeyben
09:45 Keynote Lecture – Sue Broadhurst
10:45 Discussion
11.00 Coffee Break
11:15 Session 1
Dancer’s Stillness in Public Space Resists the Choreography of the Authoritarian Mobility – Ayrin Ersöz
Istanbul Pride Week and March; Protest Art as Performance – Adil Serhan Şahin
A Fan Culture’s Survival Performance During A Time Of Public Crisis – Daniel Pawley
12:00 Discussion
12:20 Lunch
13:20 Session 2
Extended Audiencing: how spectators of immersive productions extend experience into public space through social media dialogues – Julia M. Ritter
Public Space as Secret Theatre: Eavesdropping with Locative Audio – Pieter Verstraete
Webcam as actor and screen as placemaker in an experimental public art practice – Philip Courtenay, Petra Johnson
14:05 Discussion
14:20 Coffee Break 3
14:35 Session 3
EREHWON: For a cartography of change – Beatriz Cantinho, Mariza Dima
From Vox Rosa to Follow the Sun: A Journey Through MixedMedia Performance – Alex Evans, David Osbon
Staging Costumes: intersection of costume and fashion design - Claire Moloney
15:20 Discussion
15:35 Coffee Break
15:50 Session 4
Cultural Dance- Is it broadening the Contemporary Dance World or just a trend of the moment? - Rosamaria E. Kostic Cisneros
Street musicians in Brno city – Martina Hanáková
Time after Time – the use of dramatic leitmotif as a thematic link across the interdisciplinary components of a musical theatre performance. A case study on Strictly Ballroom: The Musical – Ellin Sears
Bridging the divide: Music as a universal language in Performance Art – Sarah Courtis
16:30 Discussion
16:50 Coffee Break
17:05 Session 5
Associations of Temple Dance and Temple Architecture, a case of Nataraja Temple in Tamilnadu, India – Ashwini Pethe
On the Ruins of (a) Public Space: Ataturk Cultural Center as Anti-camp - V. Safak Uysal
Behind the scenes: investigating dramatic substrate of architectural scenographies – short critical approach – Marina Mihaila
17:50 Discussion

DECEMBER 21, 2014 / İSTANBUL BİLGİ UNIVERSITY, santralistanbul Campus, E4-305 /
10:00 Session 1
Traditional forms in postmodern environment. The story teller as a performer – Theodore Grammatas
Exploring philosophical theories of fiction through metatheatre: philosophical perspectives on self reflexive performance - Ayşegül Şentuğ
The challenge of representation through performing arts after Velasquez and Foucault – Monica Pacheco
10:45 Discussion
11:00 Coffee Break
11:15 Session 2
Home as a Public/Private Space: Headscarved Female Characters in Clouds May Wander and Good Things Are On Our Side – Burcu Yasemin Şeyben, Rasim Erdem Avşar
Public Space -Participatory Culture: The Contemporary Art of Lozano-Hemmer and SmithBeatty – Craig Smith
Dramatic and Postdramatic Strategies in Mark Ravenhill’s Pool (No Water) – Sibel İzmir
12:00 Discussion
12:15 Lunch
13:15 Session 3
Performing Arts and Public Space in Turkey, How It Can Change
and Be Improved – Gönül Gülce Karaarslan
Opera at the Cinema: Virtual Shows and New Appropriation of
Public Spaces – Daniel Domingues
Transgression of Public Space: Diminution of the Performing
Self – Zeynep Günsür Yüceil
Voice as Public Space: the Personal Voice, the Cultural/
Political Voice, and the Creative Voice in Gezi Park – Susan Main
14:30 Discussion
14:45 Challenges and Actions - Projects of “Performance in
Social Context” – İstanbul Bilgi University Management
of Performing Arts and Performing Arts BA Students Performances
15:45 Discussion, Q&A – Aylin Kalem, Burcu Halaçoğlu
16:15 Panel Session: “Contemporary and Independent Dance and
Theatre Scene : A Sectoral Analysis of Istanbul”
Zeynep Günsür, Ufuk Tan Altunkaya, Leman Yılmaz
17:15 Discussion
17:30 Closing Speech – Aylin Kalem
Virtual and Poster Presentations
The Body-Space Interaction in Modern Dance – Seza Filiz (Virtual Presentation)

A three-dimensional contact improvisation: The potential of underwater rugby - Esen Gökçe Özdamar (Poster Presentation)


PERFORMART '14 will be held at İstanbul Bilgi University's santralistanbul campus in E4 Building / Room 305

Challenges and Actions: Projects of “Performance in Social Context”

Bilgi University Management of Performing Arts Students presents…

Our BA programme, Management of Performing Arts - Performing Arts Track offers field study and practice in performing arts in its broadest sense with a contemporary and cross-disciplinary approach to the arts. Its main aim is to encourage students to develop their own performative skills and to enhance their own creative capacities through the diversity of disciplines and critical processes, so as to lead them to build a trans-disciplinary approach. The curriculum includes theory, practice, project and production-based courses on performance in general. in this diversity of courses, “Performance in Social Context” is specially designed to focus around Performance in Public Space and Community Performance.  The students design their own project from concept to action, and then to documentation. The most challenging aspect of this course for students is to give priority to the participatory process rather than to author an artistic product. 

"Contemporary and Independent Dance and Theatre Scene : A Sectoral Analysis"

We are proud to announce the speakers of the panel discussion entitled "Contemporary and Independent Dance and Theatre Scene : A Sectoral Analysis", the renowned Turkish scholars Zeynep Günsür, Ufuk Tan Altunkaya, Leman Yılmaz.

Zeynep Günsür is a scholar working on contemporary dance and teaching at Kadir Has University. Ufuk Tan Altunkaya is a well-known actor and theater director. Leman Yılmaz is a scholar at Beykent University and the director of the Istanbul Theater Festival organized by IKSV.

The panel discussion will be scheduled as the last session of the conference, on Sunday.

Keynote Speaker: Sue Broadhurst

Sue is a writer and performance practitioner in the School of Arts, Brunel University, London. She has been at Brunel since 1999 and gained a Chair in 2008. Her original degree (for which she gained First Class Honours) and Doctorate were both in English and Comparative Literature. However, for many years her research has focussed on Experimental Drama. She was a founder of the Body, Space & Technology Research group at Brunel, which has now evolved into the Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance.

She has published two monographs, three edited collections and several papers on Performance, chiefly in relation to experimental performance, live art, dance, music, film and technology and is co-editor of Body, Space & Technology Journal now in its 12th year of publication.  Sue has also created performances which have been realised in art spaces in London.