Keynote Speaker: Sue Broadhurst

Sue is a writer and performance practitioner in the School of Arts, Brunel University, London. She has been at Brunel since 1999 and gained a Chair in 2008. Her original degree (for which she gained First Class Honours) and Doctorate were both in English and Comparative Literature. However, for many years her research has focussed on Experimental Drama. She was a founder of the Body, Space & Technology Research group at Brunel, which has now evolved into the Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance.

She has published two monographs, three edited collections and several papers on Performance, chiefly in relation to experimental performance, live art, dance, music, film and technology and is co-editor of Body, Space & Technology Journal now in its 12th year of publication.  Sue has also created performances which have been realised in art spaces in London.

Sue has been part of various collaborations, internal and external to Brunel, with different interdisciplinary combinations, including: Engineering, Design, Psychology, Biology and Bioengineering; many of these have led to funding submissions. Her most recent collaboration is with the London Knowledge Lab, University of London, the Royal College of Arts and the London College of Fashion for a project titled: 'Border-Crossing Digital Arts and Social Science: New Methodological Approaches to Embodiment' which has received funding from the ESRC of £190K and began in August 2013.

As well as presenting key notes and conference papers at various international events, she has been invited to present keynotes at various conferences and media festivals. Again, she is the Chair of the Digital Research in the Arts Organization which presents annual international conferences centring on this area of research. She has also been Programme Chair for several of these events, organising conferences at Cambridge (2008), Queen’s University Belfast (2009), University of Winchester (2013) and she helped organise DRHA (2011) at Ningbo, the Shanghai affiliate of Nottingham University. Sue convened the conference at Brunel (2010). She will again help organise the conference in 2014 which will be held at the University of Greenwich in September.

Call for Papers

Performing Arts and Public Space

The relation between performing arts and public space is not a new concept. From its first inception in rituals, performing arts have nearly always taken place in public spaces such as town squares, designated places for celebrations. The introduction of venues into performing arts has occurred much later on. In the twentieth century, first with the avantgarde theatre movements and later with the performance arts and fluxus, performing arts turned “back into the streets” accompanied with artistic and/or political manifestos.

PERFORMART Conference takes lead from the ever-existing relation between the performing arts and public space and focuses mostly on the culminating new performing arts events, festivals, celebrations that use public space, and concentrates on the confrontations, problems and opportunities between the two. However, it also wants to explore the exchange and dialogue between the designated spaces for performing arts such as theatre venues, theatre halls, alternative performing arts spaces and public space. PERFORMART also encourages the participants to reflect upon various possible takes on the term “public space” rather than considering it a mere physical space/venue.

Can the increasing use of new media, digital technologies and multimedia installations in traditional theatre-making such as video art, web spaces and free-to-access online shows be considered an orientation towards the idea of public space? 

Can new theatre writing that tackles with societal and political issues and themes of our zeitgeist such as minority group visibility, social inclusion, occupy movements and the idea of congregation of individuals through social media channels turn a conventional physical venue into a public space?

While PERFORMART aims at exploring above stated themes, questions and the dialectics between performing arts and the public space, it also welcomes papers, individual and/or collective workshops revolving around the current advancements and trends in the fields of contemporary theatre, music, dance, performing arts festivals and performance in general.

PERFORMART’14 Conference, hosted by ─░stanbul Bilgi University, Management of Performing Arts Department and organized by DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center), will take place on 20-21 December 2014.