We kindly inform you that PERFORMART '15 Conference has been postponed to 2016 for technical reasons. 

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Call for Papers for Performing Arts Conference in Istanbul

PERFORMART ’15 / II. Performing Art Conference, coordinated by İstanbul Bilgi University, Management of Performing Arts Department and DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center), and organized by BİLSAS /Science Art, Sport Productions) will take place on  December 19-20, 2015


The 21st century has been indelibly marked by the idea of borders and witnessed either a critical endorsement or destruction of them. From literal boundaries between countries to outer edges of urban and/or rural spaces, it wears a heavy social and cultural weight. Practically, its baggage is extremely comprehensive and what it introduces in our lives today can be determinative in its grain as it brings along a series of binary oppositions such as separation-togetherness, proximity-distance, linearity and non-linearity, resistance-integration, and a grey space between these oppositions as permeability, transparency and communication come into play.

PERFORMART '15 invites original studies that explore the above themes, debates and creative contributions and it also welcomes papers, individual and/or collective workshops revolving around the current advancements and trends in the fields of contemporary theatre, music, dance, performing arts in general.

Permanent Points of Discussion: Public Space and Action & Interdisciplinary Perspectives

PERFORM Conference intends to create a dialectic continuity between each years main topics, and, therefore, the main issues dealt last year are also included in the scope of the conference. Performance at public space and definition of art as an action still propose a promising discussion. Moreover, interdisciplinary perspectives has played in the recent history and will definitely play an important role in the future of performing arts.

The relation between performing arts and public space is not a new concept. From its first inception in rituals, performing arts have nearly always taken place in public spaces such as town squares, designated places for celebrations. The introduction of venues into performing arts has occurred much later on. In the twentieth century, first with the avantgarde theatre movements and later with the performance arts and fluxus, performing arts turned “back into the streets” accompanied with artistic and/or political manifestos.

PERFORMART Conference takes lead from the ever-existing relation between the performing arts and public space and focuses mostly on the culminating new performing arts events, festivals, celebrations that use public space, and concentrates on the confrontations, problems and opportunities between the two. However, it also wants to explore the exchange and dialogue between the designated spaces for performing arts such as theatre venues, theatre halls, alternative performing arts spaces and public space. PERFORMART also encourages the participants to reflect upon various possible takes on the term “public space” rather than considering it a mere physical space/venue.

Can the increasing use of new media, digital technologies and multimedia installations in traditional theatre-making such as video art, web spaces and free-to-access online shows be considered an orientation towards the idea of public space?

Can new theatre writing that tackles with societal and political issues and themes of our zeitgeist such as minority group visibility, social inclusion, occupy movements and the idea of congregation of individuals through social media channels turn a conventional physical venue into a public space?

While PERFORMART aims at exploring above stated themes, questions and the dialectics between performing arts and the public space, it also welcomes papers, individual and/or collective workshops revolving around the current advancements and trends in the fields of contemporary theatre, music, dance, performing arts festivals and performance in general.


DECEMBER 20, 2014 / İSTANBUL BİLGİ UNIVERSITY, santralistanbul Campus, E4-305 / DAY 1

09:30 Opening Speech – Burcu Yasemin Şeyben
09:45 Keynote Lecture – Sue Broadhurst
10:45 Discussion
11.00 Coffee Break
11:15 Session 1
Dancer’s Stillness in Public Space Resists the Choreography of the Authoritarian Mobility – Ayrin Ersöz
Istanbul Pride Week and March; Protest Art as Performance – Adil Serhan Şahin
A Fan Culture’s Survival Performance During A Time Of Public Crisis – Daniel Pawley
12:00 Discussion


PERFORMART '14 will be held at İstanbul Bilgi University's santralistanbul campus in E4 Building / Room 305

Challenges and Actions: Projects of “Performance in Social Context”

Bilgi University Management of Performing Arts Students presents…

Our BA programme, Management of Performing Arts - Performing Arts Track offers field study and practice in performing arts in its broadest sense with a contemporary and cross-disciplinary approach to the arts. Its main aim is to encourage students to develop their own performative skills and to enhance their own creative capacities through the diversity of disciplines and critical processes, so as to lead them to build a trans-disciplinary approach. The curriculum includes theory, practice, project and production-based courses on performance in general. in this diversity of courses, “Performance in Social Context” is specially designed to focus around Performance in Public Space and Community Performance.  The students design their own project from concept to action, and then to documentation. The most challenging aspect of this course for students is to give priority to the participatory process rather than to author an artistic product.